My Story

My Scentsy story begins in July of 2012 when my sweet sister-in-law introuduced me to the amazing warmers and scents. I was hooked right from the start and knew it was something I would enjoy being a part of! I sat on the idea for a bit and then realized that this had become a brand I fell in love with! I jump started my business with a launch party that was just incredible. Just seeing the love that customers had for Scentsy and the outpouring of support they gave me and are still giving me to this day is amazing. My favorite part about being a part of the Scentsy family is getting to share with others and hearing all their wonderful stories. If you have not tried Scentsy it is certainly NOT too late! Come join in on the fun!                       Thank you for taking the time to read my story!   Contact me today to Buy Scentsy, Host an Event or Join my Team!